AltMass - Agricultural Alternatives for Massachusetts

Premium growers of fine, rare cannabis

Agricultural Alternatives, LLC is a Massachusetts based cultivator of rare, premium cannabis strains, as well as a provider of extraction and distillation services.  We expect to begin offering our products and services to the Massachusetts market in autumn of 2019.

We Supply Retailers and Product Manufacturers with Flower, Extracts and Distillate  

We use the most technologically advanced hydroponic methods to maximize yield, minimize contaminants, and protect the environment, all without pesticides. Our strains are unmatched in quality and rarity, and are exclusively grown through AgAlt.  We offer our strains as flower, extract and distillate.  Also, if you need a strain we do not offer, we can build a custom supply plan for you. 

If you want to sell our product to your consumers, please contact us here.

We Provide Extraction and Distillation Services

We use the best systems from the most respected equipment manufacturers in a safe, contaminant free environment.  

If you have cannabis that needs extraction and/or distillation, contact use here.

We License from Independent Strain Developers

Our strains are licensed from some of the best cannabis innovators in the country. 

If you own the rights to a great strain, and need someone to grow it, contact us here.

We are Seeking Investors

Our management team includes leaders with deep long standing experience in finance and business operations for Fortune 500 companies.  We are serious business people who can demonstrate strong returns.  

If you are an investor, contact us here.